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Professional highlights of artist Lari R. Gibbons, whose original drawings and prints are featured in these select exhibitions, residencies, workshops
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    Printing gradients

    Printing gradients

    — 2 hours ago
    #printmaking  #relief 

    Making tattoos with alder leaves during a recent hike through the woods.

    The oil from the leaf holds on to pigments in the rich soil.

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    #nature  #printmaking  #alaska  #flocking  #tattoo 

    Vector drawings for CNC blocks and laser-cut stencils.

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    #cnc  #laser  #printmaking 
    Prep for an upcoming show

    Prep for an upcoming show

    — 1 month ago with 1 note

    This crew moved three press beds. Before lunch.

    Preston Bradley, Adam Rowlett, Andrew DeCaen, Tracy Lynch and me.
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    #summervacation  #UNT Printmaking 

    Working with a great team of students this summer. And standing on my tiptoes to look tall.

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